Welcome to the Classic Styles Agency

The Classic Styles Agency provides access to the most important dancers in Hip Hop culture, those who pioneered Hip Hop culture as we know it. Since many of these dancers are also significant Hip Hop historians, The Classic Styles Agency represents some of our culture’s most distinguished and thought-provoking voices for performances, lectures, and other special events. Our Agency offers a unique combination of artistry and history, providing dynamic presentations, demonstrations, film screenings, panels, readings, conferences, and dance competitions for colleges, universities, schools, performing arts centers, corporations, associations, and private events.


VII Gems’ “Classic Styles” is a multi-faceted dance education program, conceived by legendary dancer and choreographer Ken Swift. The program consists of dance classes, lectures, demonstrations, panels, film screenings, competitions, and workshops directly related to the traditions of “Breaking” and “Rock,” two essential dances that came out of New York in the 1970’s. The VII Gems staff, averaging over 30 years of dance experience, consists primarily of authentic pioneer dancers from the early years of these dances. As accomp0lished historians of their own genres, they offer audiences and dancers a rare opportunity to understand the histories of the movements, told from direct experience by dancers who were there for every moment of the dances’ inceptions and evolutions. The program provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance culture, including technique, music, attitude, fashion, influences, origins, and terminologies of these unique dance forms. Please visit our Artist Roster to discover more about the VII Gems Rock Division. 


The VII Gems NY Rock Alliance includes original members of nine legendary New York City dance crews from the early 1970’s including; the All Star Dancers, Floor Master Dancers, Independent Dancers (IND’s), J & R Dancers, Nasty With Rock, Incredible Rockers, Dynamic Spinners, Dynasty Rockers, Ill Style Rockers, Fresh Style Rockers, Lil Dave Rockers, Lucky Dancers, Def With Steps, The Bronx Boys, Rock Steady Crew, Touch of Rock, Incredible Rockers, #1 Sure Shot Boys, Young City Boys and Rock City Crew. Historically, these crews danced against each other and would never have collaborated.  But now, when the dance is threatened by extinction, and its fragile history threatening to be forgotten, they have combined forces.

VII Gems, along with Breaklife.com and the Classic Styles Agency, are involved in the ongoing preservation and continuance of traditional NY styles of Breaking & Rocking and would like to share the legacies and histories of these dances and dancers with the worldwide dance community.